Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Long Slow Run....

Saturday's planned 20 miler was pushed to Sunday, then pushed to Monday (due to Mother's Day). I left at 16:00 in glorious warm sunshine, returning over 3 hours later in freezing pitch blackness.

The first 16 miles were as comfortable as you could expect. I then had to pop home to say goodnight to the kiddies before heading out for the final 4 miles. Those final 4 were harder than the first 16, mainly due to lack of gels, but also having to drag myself back out from a nice warm house into the freezing cold with a sweat soaked running top on....not pleasant!

Anyway, I finished at 03:17 which is a marathon finishing time of 04:19. Considering lack of fuel, the cold and dark and not forgetting the sheer loneliness of it all, I am pretty happy with. I could probably knock 10% of that time off with a proper refulling strategy and then more time due to the atmosphere and adreneline on the day.

Still hoping for a sub-4 hour finish, but not so sure at the moment.

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