Tuesday, 14 December 2010

It's been a while....and injuries!!

I decided to take a deserved week off following the ACC 2010 to let the feet heal properly. If I'd known what was to happen, I wouldn't have done this. I went for a run following my week of glutony and laziness and experienced an excrutiating pain in my right knee. Turned out to be patellar tendonitis (!!)

It's now been nearly 7 weeks out of the trainers. I feel fat, lethargic and in desperate need of getting back on my running feet properly. I attempted this last Sunday and thought I'd take it nice and steady. A brand new pair a trainers and a blue sky morning coincided with the snow and ice and a previous night of freezing temperatures.....and black ice. 1.5 miles down the road, feeling great, knee holding out and I went arse over tit. I lay in the road for a few seconds (quiet country lane thankfully) waiting for the numbing adrenaline to wane to see what damage had been done. Severe pain in my elbow, wrist and back but worse of all......broken Garmin strap and a big scratch over the bezel!!!!

Anyway, I waited until Monday to visit the local A&E. X-rays showed no breakages but a sprained wrist, sprained elbow, deep tissue bruising and whiplash (!) on my neck and back.

So much for this fitness lark!

A week later and I'm turning to desperate measures and dusting off the treadmill. Clearly I can't be trusted to not go out and injure myself in these winter months, but at the same time I am doing Ellen's head in because all I do is moan that I WANT TO RUN!!

I've already missed the first 5 weeks of a 16 week marathon programme for the Duchy Marathon next year. I really want to do myself proud but the way I'm feeling right now is that if I don't get going again soon it will be a long slog.

Maybe emigrate to a warmer climate (or at least somewhare that grits the roads on a regular basis!)

At least I've got a nice new road bike to look forward to from Daddy Crimbo.