Friday, 23 April 2010

Back to the Stone Age

With the Paris Marathon shocker almost 2 weeks ago, my thoughts have now turned off-road to the Neolithic Marathon; that is, Avebury to Stonehenge cross-country, just over a week away. I've slowly started to get back into my running although not back to normal by a long way. I did a 10 miler in glorious evening weather last night which raised my confidence a little, but it's beyond the 13 mile point that is unknown and whether my body is going to have recovered from the bug I had before Paris.

The weather recently has been stunning and last nights run was no exception. Beautifully clear skies and warm weather (although I became a fly magnet!), the type of run that makes you glad you're a runner. However, I hope it's not too hot for the Neolithic as there will be limited shade over Salisbury Plain!

I think there'll be a few suffering the heat during this weekends' London Marathon; 22 degrees and sunny by all accounts........phew!! Good luck to everyone who's taking part. I hope to be successful in the ballot for next year's race.

Anyway, pumps on, fingers crossed and until the 2nd May..... let's get running!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Unfinished Business en Paris

Short of it is that Ellen and I had a fantastic weekend, quality time together and loved every minute of it but missed the kids loads. However, the race was a shocker for me. I was ill on the Wednesday and Thursday leading up to the race and kept it on over the weekend. The race involved me diving for a portaloo at mile 9, absolutely beaten by 13 (MILE 13 FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!) and being left with a feeling of running backwards for the remainder.

Not great at all and I have been depressed since. Despite the race, it's made me more determined and, subject to persuading Ellen, I aim to return next April to absolutely slay the course!!