Friday, 10 June 2011

The Turnaround

Things are starting to look a bit more positive.

No running since November but last night I got the green light from the physio to try it out. Only half a mile for the first week but it's a start. I get to move up to 1 mile in 2 weeks time!! It's funny, I was so excited to run this morning I was up and out the door by 06:30; thing is, I was back 4 minutes later. Oh well, it's a start and must take things gradually so not to stir up the tendonitis.

I must admit to it being very difficult watching and reading about everyone I know running and racing, particularly being the build up to the ACC in September/October (which I'm obviously going to miss) but If I do things properly, I'm aiming to come back fitter and faster for 2012.

Watch this space!