Friday, 18 September 2009

Final Training Week

Spent this week (14th to the 18th September) on my last bit of consecutive long distance training. This culminated with 3 consecutive half marathons (local routes) on the trot. It was a big unknown how I'd fare in terms of motivating myself the following days, but with the support of Ellen she let me just get on with it whilst she coped with sorting the kids out for bedtime!

A big thanks goes out to Heather too who joined me for the first 8 miles on the final run - I think it definately spurred me on a bit as it ended up being the fastest of the 3.

The biggest struggle was slowing myself down. I'd got so used to training for a quick half marathon that forcing myself to slow my pace down to take into account the distance that will be covered was tough. I think I managed it, but we'll have to wait and see.

To give you an insight into the sort of mileage I've been doing, I've listed the totals over the past year.

Jan - 40 miles
Feb - 46 miles
Mar - 40 miles
April - 40 miles
May - 44 miles
June - 55 miles
July - 91 miles
Aug - 64 miles
Sept - 160 miles (including the ACC!)

A total of 579 miles leading up to and including the ACC. I know some may say 'but's that's not nearly enough' - but i'll never sacrifice my family time so it'll just have to do.

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