Friday, 23 April 2010

Back to the Stone Age

With the Paris Marathon shocker almost 2 weeks ago, my thoughts have now turned off-road to the Neolithic Marathon; that is, Avebury to Stonehenge cross-country, just over a week away. I've slowly started to get back into my running although not back to normal by a long way. I did a 10 miler in glorious evening weather last night which raised my confidence a little, but it's beyond the 13 mile point that is unknown and whether my body is going to have recovered from the bug I had before Paris.

The weather recently has been stunning and last nights run was no exception. Beautifully clear skies and warm weather (although I became a fly magnet!), the type of run that makes you glad you're a runner. However, I hope it's not too hot for the Neolithic as there will be limited shade over Salisbury Plain!

I think there'll be a few suffering the heat during this weekends' London Marathon; 22 degrees and sunny by all accounts........phew!! Good luck to everyone who's taking part. I hope to be successful in the ballot for next year's race.

Anyway, pumps on, fingers crossed and until the 2nd May..... let's get running!

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