Wednesday, 12 May 2010

All gone couch potato shaped!

Stop, hold the press! Everything's changed.

You may have noticed the slightly (!) negative tone in the last blog entry, primarily down to the sickness bug that I carried for weeks which totally drained my energy levels (re: Paris). Well, I was supposed to be taking part in the Neolithic Marathon back on the 2nd May; it was one race that I was really looking forward to all year. As it happened I ended up deferring my entry for next year. No energy, heavy legs and STILL a dodgy belly made the decision for me. I'd never dropped out of a race up to that point and it seemed totally wrong to do so.

It ended up that I only did one 10 miler over the next 2 weeks, giving my body a well earned respite from the tarmac. Anyway, a thoroughly enjoyable 2 weeks which initially took a few days to empty the brain of the desire to get my trainers on. Unfortunately, the ability to eat what I want and not put any weight on whilst training did not apply, hence the need to now lose a few lb's.
An important development has been my registration for the ACC 2010!! I needed the focus for keeping up the training for the next few months and there's also the important factor of raising more money for Ataxia UK. Therefore, training has begun in this space!

I have also entered the ballot for next years London Marathon. The successful entrants are notified in October, so fingers crossed; I have unfinished marathon business on the road.....

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