Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Running V Decking

After a 1:20 10-miler last week, which I was pretty pleased with, the running has taken a bit of a back seat with Zachary's 2nd birthday weekend and a new decking project.

I am currently focussing primarily on the ACC training and so building up the distances on the back to back runs. Last week was the starting point at 5 miles on three consecutive days; all sub-8 minute miles. The pace will obviously gradually get slower as the distance increases, with 3 consecutive 10-milers over three days starting on Thursday 21st June (on the 16th I'll be busy demolishing a steak dinner and bottle of red with Ellen for my Birthday!)

I'm aiming to get to around the 3 x 20-mile mark by around mid-September'ish (ACC 2010 is 1st October) and then taper to the start.

Busy months ahead......


  1. Gaz - For what's its worth I wouldn't attempt do long back to back runs in training for the ACC. Especially not 3 x 20m. Training is all about improving your fitness over a sustained period from week to week, month to month. every run you do adds something in the bank. However back to back runs especially over this distance if not too use to it can do more damage than good. I would therefore leave the B2B runs to the actual event itself and focus more on just improving all round fitness from a typical marathon training schedule with the long slow run perhaps approaching 25-30m by the end of August.

    This worked for me on the ACC last year. We can chat more about ACC between now and the race. What I saw on day 1 was far too many people go off far too fast and times dramatically slow in Day 2 and 3. Pace it well and you will actually get stronger and faster over the 3 days which feels great!!

  2. Cheers for the advice Stu, really appreciate it and would appreciate more over the next coming months. I really want to do myself justice this time!