Thursday, 27 May 2010

Revisiting the ACC

All's going well on the running front at the moment. A new lease of life has arisen following the 2-week self-imposed rest, and I'm focussed again and raring to go.

I am consistently running comfortable sub-8 minute miles at the moment on all distances up to 10 miles, although I've not tried on anything beyond that for a while so need to pick up the mileage to test it out.

We're heading back home to Newquay for the bank holiday weekend and I'll be heading off on a 10-mile coastal run which follows the route of Day 1 of the ACC. Really looking forward to it, just hoping for a bit of sunshine. I plan on heading out early morning so I can get back for breakfast and spend the day on the beach with Ellen and the kids.

Next race is the Downlander 10 in Marlborough, a really great course and some lung bursting hills to contend with. Better crack on with some decent weekend big runs!

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