Friday, 27 August 2010

The past few weeks

Thought I'd better put up a new post, it's been a while.

I'm back and feeling pretty much fully refreshed from 2 weeks in France. Not so great on the trail front but I still managed to get the trainers on a few times just to keep the mileage ticking over.

I'm not really in the greatest of typing moods so I'm afraid I'm going to bullet point what's been happening over the past few weeks and also what I've got to look forward to in the coming weeks: -

  • 2 weeks recharging the batteries in the Dordogne - mixed weather, no real trails unlike last year but very quiet roads.

  • Bought Ellen a Wii for her birthday! She loves it but I'm not convinced of its ability to seriously sort out your fitness - still, it's a bit of a laugh.

  • August bank holiday (HOORAY!) plodding out a training Half in preparation of the next couple of weeks.

  • Bristol Half Marathon on the 5th September followed by the Chippenham Half Marathon a week later.

  • The Atlantic Coast Challenge is only 5 weeks away!! Fund raising for Ataxia UK has begun in earnest.

Bring on the ACC again. It still holds an air of the unknown, even after completing it last year. Although I've kept the mileage ticking over steadily, I haven't done the big miles that I would have liked. Despite this, I have a better understanding of my refuelling and will go into the event with my eyes a bit more open than last year.

My Salomon's from last year are wasting away at the toes so I've invested in some new Speedcross 2's. Check out these bad boys!

Too much knowledge can hold you back. Ignorance on the other hand, that is something that could get you to the finishing line'. Let's hope my knowledge of this event doesn't come back and bite me on the arse!

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