Monday, 20 September 2010


A hilly 20 miler yesterday.

I felt really strong for the first 10/11 miles and then Ellen turned up in the car with the kiddies to give me a drink. At this point my focus on the task in hand completely dissapeared. There is nothing I cherish more than spending all my time with Ellen and the kids, particularly on a Sunday afternoon and on seeing them all I craved was to be with them.

However, I pushed on, but the focus and energy didn't come back. From what was a comfortable 9m/m pace for the first half, slowed to over 10m/m for the second. However, this will probably work out for the best for the ACC as my pace will be slightly slower still.

On finally returning home my legs were screaming and I felt dehydrated. Following plenty of drink and a Forgoodness Shake I decided to brave something that I've never had the courage to do before.....a cold bath. It took a while to get in (following screams to the amusement of others!) but I can honestly say that it calmed the legs after around 5 minutes and felt pretty good afterwards. I'll probably make a habit of it after future LSR's!!

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