Thursday, 15 July 2010

Chippenham River Run 2010

Following last years race I had not trained for a 5km distance all year. However, with my overall fitness above what it was this time last year I thought I'd go and test myself out.
A very dodgy stomach preceding the start didn't bode well and doubts about even starting were creeping in. Knowing the course and the speed at the start I thought I'd dig in and push to beat last year's time of 22:06. With jelly legs and my lungs bursting after a few hundred metres I realised that my dodgy stomach was having more of an impact on my stamina than feared. Despite this, I dug in and pushed on for a 06:45 min/mile pace. It was touch and go at times, making the requisite pace on some stretches but dropping back on others.
When I saw the home straight I remembered how long it seemed to go on at last years event and could not quite judge the distance. I wrongly guesstimated a finish of over 22 minutes but managing to push a steady pace all the way to the end brought me in at 21:27 (6:55 minute/miles) - some 39 seconds of last years time and only 11 seconds off my 5km PB.
Pretty pleased with the time, yet I know on the right course, with less congestion, I've definately got a sub-21 minutes in me.
Watch this space!

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  1. Good effort esp with dodgy stomach which is never nice!