Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Kernow Recce

A weekend in my home county proved a prime opportunity to reacquaint myself with part of the first day of the ACC, so we headed off to my folks who still live on the outskirts of Newquay.

Following a sleepless Friday night (I've no reason why? Seem's to be happening a lot lately!) I was up at 06:15 and on my way by half past towards the coast. My folks live only 10 minutes away from the sea so it didn't entail too much tarmac running, expecting the terrain to soon give way to something a bit softer. However, on hitting the path it became evident that the weeks of dry weather had baked the coastal path rock solid which made the relentless divots quite unforgiving.

It was an overcast morning but pleasantly warm with a slight onshore breeze which blew away much of the humidity that we had endured during the week back home in Wiltshire. With only rabbits and seagulls as company I got into the groove and a few miles on was soon on the downhill to Watergate Bay. There was a bit more activity here due to the Hotel complex, so I hurried on and upwards craving for the solitude of the coastal path.

(Note to self - Public toilets in Watergate Bay to avoid going al fresco!)

Watergate Bay to Mawgan Porth (the latter being the first check point into Day 1 of the ACC) was more akin to the terrain that I was wanting; more remote with greater 'undulations'. I'd set out to run just 10 miles as I had a full day lined up on the beach with the family, so the 5 mile turnaround was just before the beach at Mawgan Porth.

The route back was as equally pleasant with stunning views of the weather fronts making their shadowy paths in from the sea (thankfully the weather turned for the better later on). If anything, apart from a quick 'pit stop' at Watergate bay (see note to self above) the return leg was quicker and I found myself getting stronger as I neared the end of the run.

I eventually got back in a comfortable 01:45:45 working out at around 10:35/mile which is the sort of pace that I'd set out to achieve, although this will work out slower come October for the ACC.

Swiftly followed by a day on the beach!

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